Golvery Bluetooth Headphones Transmitter for TV Watching, Neckband Wireless Stereo Earphones Earbuds Set w/Transmitter Adapter for Optical Digital RCA 3.5mm Aux TVs, Plug n Play No Audio Delay


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  • 👍【Easy to Set Up】There comes a BTI-038 Bluetooth transmitter and a Z702 Bluetooth headphones. They are arriving with pre-paired technology. Just power on both the transmitter and the headphones, they will pair together automatically. And plug the transmitter to your TV’s audio output port. You may watch the 3-minutes video under product pictures to help you understand how to use.
  • 👍【No Lip-Sync Delay】Golvery BTWH-038 wireless headphones set supports low latency audio codec, it can reduce the audio delay to unnoticeable 40ms, brings you immersive TV watching experience with no lip sync problem. NOTE: If you use the BTI-038 transmitter to pair with other Bluetooth headphones, there may be some audio delay since most of other brand’s headphones cannot support low latency codec.
  • 👍【Work with All TVs】Our BTWH-038 can be connected to TV by the digital optical, RCA and the 3.5 AUX audio cable. It is universally compatible and works with all TVs on the market, no matter old TV or smart TV. You can find the workable AUDIO OUT jack in the second image. NOTE: the BTWH-038 must be connected by digital optical cable if watch the digital program.
  • 👍【Use Them Separately】The BTI-038 is a 2 in 1 Bluetooth adapter. It can not only work as a Bluetooth transmitter to Bluetooth-enable TV/PC/CD, but also work as a Bluetooth receiver to Bluetooth-enable wired speaker/home stereo. You can choose TX or RX mode for your purpose. The Z702 Bluetooth headphones can work with other Bluetooth devices for call/music/movie/sport.
  • 👍【Strong Guarantee】Golvery provides 12-month Quality Warranty and Technical Support to ensure your hassle-free buying experience. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will be always here for you.
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Product Description

Golvery BTWH-038 wireless headphones with transmitter for TV/PC watching, features “pre-paired” technology for Smart Fast Connection, provides no lip sync delay audio experience, brings you more wonderful watching enjoyment.



  • Plug & Play, Smart Fast Connection
  • Bluetooth-enable TV/PC/MAC/DVD/Projector with 3.5mm AUX, RCA and Optical audio cable connected.
  • Bluetooth-enable MP3/MP4 and other music player, AV receiver & other audio sources.
  • Low latency audio with no lip sync delay.
  • Can be used as a set or seperately. The BTI-038 can use as a transmitter or receiver.


Doesn’t work / not recommended:


  • Do not recommend to use for live music.
  • Do not support Dolby/DTS. Please set the TV Audio Format to “PCM” when using optical cable connected.
  • Not for TVs with ONLY audio input port (Audio Output Port Requested).
  • The TV’s internal speaker might stop working or become muted when the BTI-038 transmitter is plugged in it. This is TV dependent.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: My TV speakers become mute after I connected the BTI-038 transmitter to it. Can I make them work simultaneously while using the transmitter?

A1: This is a TV feature, and it will depend on your TV make and model.

For some models of TVs, the TV’s internal speaker will stop working when you use an external speaker or headphones. When you plug some devices into the TV’s audio output port (AUX, RCA, Optical, etc.) and choose “External Speakers” as your TV’ audio output, the TV’s built-in speaker might become disabled.

But some TVs can allow you to play audio from both the TV’s internal speakers and an external audio device(Bluetooth headphone/speaker)simultaneously. You can check your TV’s audio out setting to confirm if there is an option of “Internal TV Speaker + Optical”, that determines if the sound will come out from both TV’s speaker and the Bluetooth headphone.


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